Golden Gauntlet wrap-up

2020-01-19 09:00 | Dov Spinks (Administrator)

Well, the new format Golden Gauntlet event was a success, and fabulous that the AHFC retains the trophy. After a hard-fought (and very close) battle, AHFC broke away at the very end to finish 80/70. Well done to rivals ASC, who fought with great honour.

Better luck next year to the CSFC team, who were defeated by ASC in the preliminary round 42/45, it was an excellent match to behold.
Also grand was the presence of four junior foil fencing teams! So splendid to have 3 pistes running at once.

Sillliness was had as guest Tully Probert and our own Brown Baron went head to head in the unicycle jousts - it is safe to say that Tully can claim total victory in this event.

Thank you to our Guest Referees: Bruce, Darren, Zvonko, Nadine, Nalin, Clayton, and Darcy.
Additional thanks to BBQ chef Carlos, and all the providers of delicious salads and sweets.

Welcome to fencing 2020!

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