Located at idyllic Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, the AHFC provides honourable combat in a friendly environment. Tuition in the weapons of Foil & Epée. Sabreurs also welcome!

Welcome to the
Adelaide Hills Fencing Club

We are dedicated to bringing the noble world of sport fencing to the residents of the Adelaide Hills.

Our club practises in the use of Foil and Epée, and provides all the relevant equipment for the beginner to come and try this magnificent sport.

We run a Novice group with beginner intake at the start of every school term.

First session is always free!

No late starts; ensure you are booked in before the term begins.

Non-fencers are welcome on any training night to spectate the elegant world of modern sport fencing.

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Care to test your mettle in a duel? Or maybe you just need someone chasing you with a sword to motivate your fitness plan.
However you justify it, the
Adelaide Hills Fencing Club
is the place to find fun and excitement in a friendly and invigorating environment.

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